Helicopter Jump

On August 8, 1997 while at the World Freefall Convention, I had the opportunity to do a jump from a Bell 412 helicopter. Jump altitude was 6,000 feet.

This is the Bell 412 helicopter that I jumped.
I am on the far left, taking a picture of my wife who took this picture.
This is the way we rode to altitude, each held in by a single seatbelt.

Looking out the back of the helicopter.
Note the corn being blown by the rotor!

Another shot toward the tail, looking back at Quincy Airport. Note the angle of the helicopter compared to the ground.

This is what it is all about!
I jumped, flipped over on my back and took this picture.
I should have waited another second to get the whole helicopter.
Remember, this is at 6,000 feet!

Under canopy, looking back at Quincy Airport

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