Death's Door Boogie on Washington Island

On June 17 and 18, 2000. Washington Island, Wisconsin played host to the first of many Deathıs Door boogies. Arranged by Fish, the islandıs airport was opened for the first skydiving boogie on the island. Bill Lesnjak brought his C206 for the historic occasion. The name Deathıs Door Boogie came from the Indian name for the narrow passage between the island and the peninsula.

The historic first load. Greg, Hardware, Guido, Fish, Ted, and Bill.

Looking south at Detroit Harbor and Detroit Island.

The Washington Island airport. The drop zone was the upper right portion of the airport, just in front of the parked aircraft.

The Northwest tip of the island. Washington Harbor is on the extreme right.

This is the Northeast view of Washington Island, Jackson Harbor, and Rock Island State Park.

Self-portrait. Iım hanging under my canopy at about 2,000ı

Another southwest view, showing Detroit Harbor, Figenschau Bay, and West Harbor.