Bootleg Canyon Flightlines
On a recent vacation to Las Vegas, my wife and I went on a zipline tour of Bootleg Canyon.
The tour is operated by Bootleg Canyon Flghtlines
(OK, I know this isn't skydiving, but it is cool.)

Laura giving this whole thing some serious thought.

After a van ride up the mountain there was a hike up the rest of the way. We carried the trolleys with us.

Couldn't resist.

Looking out over Boulder City.

This is the starting point. There are 4 parallel cables on each run.

You sit in the harness. Very comfortable. The trolley is the pulley mechanism on top of the cable.

Coming in at the end of a run.

Pretty canyon shot.

Me coming in. The guide is there to hook me with the rope so I don't roll back down into the canyon.


Another canyon shot.

If you don't have enough speed, you get stuck on the wire, 200 ft. up from the canyon floor.

Looking back at another one who didn't make it.

One of the guides, coming to give me a hand. (and a rope).

Laura coming in at speed.

A run of four coming in together.

Hitting the brakes.

Laura and I.