Wedding Jump

Wedding Jump

One of my favorite jumps!

About a year before the jump, some friends told us that their daughter was engaged and the wedding was going to be outdoors. Don, the father of the bride, has a great sense of humor and he wanted to make the wedding exceptional. Don and I hatched a plan where I and a few buddies would arrive at the ceremony via parachute to deliver a very special letter to Kelsey, the bride. The kicker was that the parachute portion of the wedding was going to be a surprise to almost everyone ... including the bride and groom!

We didn't want to interrupt the actual ceremony which had been meticulously planned so we jumped in directly after it was over. People started to notice the airplane and everyone looked up to see four parachutes deploy. We approached the ceremony each trailing 80' streamers in the wedding colors. After we landed I presented the letter to the bride.

All eyes skyward




Four successful landings

Delivering the letter to the bride

The jump from Brian Martin's view

Demonstration Jumps