Fiesta Pack Job

Fiesta Pack Job

Most skydivers dislike the job of repacking their parachutes for the next jump. Some hire other people to pack for them. I don't mind it at all. Other than when I was a student, there has been only a handful of times when I didn't pack for myself. I also find entertaining ways to pack. I have packed my parachute with one hand tied behind my back, without being able to stand, blindfolded many times, and I have even packed inside of my car. Naturally, it doesn't count unless you jump the pack job and live. In each instance I did. This is how I packed in my Ford Fiesta which was the smallest Ford in the U.S. market at the time.

"Before" picture

Stretching the lines

Tieing the lines off



Folding the canopy

Stowing the lines



Blue Skies Magazine - March 2018

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