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Skinny-dipping the sky!

For nearly as long as people have been jumping out of aircraft for fun they have taken the opportunity to jump "sans suit", that is to jump nekked. It eventually became a tradition to make your 100th jump nekked, a real rite of passage. Today, not everyone makes their hundredth jump without clothes but it is still a popular segment of the sport. It is estimated that 10-15% of the sport jumping population has made at least one nekked skydive.

I made my first nekked jump on my 100th skydive. It was fantastic! The freedom is unbelievable. I was just going to do it once but a couple years later a second opportunity arose, and then a month later a third. Since then I have jumped out of an airplane over 800 times - "sans suit". Obviously, I jump nekked more than the average jumper.

About 10 years ago, I was convinced of the need for an organization of nekked skydivers. I created the Society for the Advancement of Nekked Skydiving (SANS). One of its main functions is to recognize and record records for the nekked skydiving community. This includes state, nationals and world nekked skydiving records. The world SANSFormation record now stands at 19. I personally hold the world records for most number of nekked skydives and most consecutive months with at least one nekked skydive.

Wisconsin is not known for its tropical winter climate. That doesn't stop myself and others from enjoying winter SANS jumps. I have jumped at least once in every calendar month for over 20 years. The ground temperature on my coldest jump was 11°F.

Additionally, I am the only person to have jumped from a DC-9 commercial jet nekked and live.

Current Stats as of July 14, 2024
  Jumps 1005
  Consecutive Months Jumped   22 Years, 11 Months
  Freefall Time   5 Hours, 21 Minutes   
  Verticle Distance 1002.4 Miles
  % of Total Jumps 21.09%
  Highest Exit Altitude16,500'
  Coldest Ground Temp11°F
  Individuals Jumped With155
  Gelid Jumps (≤ 32°F)70
  Tandem Jumps1
  Reserve Canopy Rides1
  Encasted Jumps1
  Aircraft Models14
  Balloon Jumps2
  DC-9 Jet1