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      My name is Jeff. Dawson and I am a skydiver. I am passionately fanatical about the sport, the culture, the family that is skydiving.

     I made my first jump over 29 years ago on my 40th birthday. I was going to make only 1 jump, to say that I had "been there and done that". A year later I jumped at a chance to make a second. This led to a third. It was after that jump I became hooked. During the jump debrief the jumpmaster told me I was ready to continue with the next phase of training. Me ?? Become a skydiver ?? The light went on and I have been jumping ever since.

      Skydiving is unique in the fact that your first try at the sport is immediately rewarding. You don't have to be an expert at the sport in order to get the "high" that participating brings. Nine times out of ten, the word I hear a first timer use to describe the jump is "awesome". It is also the most accurate word. When you land, you are in awe of what you have just accomplished. And yet, that first jump is merely the tip of the iceberg. Under the surface lies the world of skydiving. A world that is infinite in its possibilities and excitement. I am blessed to be a part of that world.

     I am also extremely blessed to have a wife who supports me in this endeavor. Laura is not jealous of the extraordinary amounts of time that I spend at the dropzone. While she doesn't jump herself, she understands that jumping makes me happy. I am a very happy person. Without her help, I would not enjoy jumping nearly as much.

     I jump at the Skydive Milwaukee in East Troy, Wisconsin. It is the largest dropzone in the state and also the closest to my home in Milwaukee. In addition, whenever we travel I like to get in a jump or two. To date, I have jumped at 167 locations in 27 states and provinces.

     This web site is a scrapbook of a sort. I don't claim to be a writer, photographer, or web designer. Nor do I claim to be an expert in the sport. I just love to jump. I hope that this site will give you a little glimpse of my involvement in the sport of "jumping out of a perfectly good airplane".


Current Stats as of July 13, 2024
  Sport Parachute Jumps 4765
  Consecutive Months Jumped 27 Years, 6 Months
  Freefall Time    29 Hours, 0 Minutes   
  Verticle Distance 5234.9 Miles
  Locations 171
  States/Provinces 27
  Demonstration Jumps 73
  Demo Locations 40
  Highest Exit Altitude 23,000'
  Coldest Ground Temp 3F
  Flag jumps 30
  Ice Landings 17
  Air Show 9
  Beach Landings 7
  Night Jumps 3
  Inverted Biplane Jumps 2
  Staged Cutaway 2
  Blindfolded Jumps 1
  Round Canopy Jumps 1
  Reversed Canopy 1
  Wingsuit 1
  Water Landings 1
  Encasted Jumps 1
  Aircraft Models 367
  Balloon Jumps 3
  Helicopter Jumps 7
  Commercial Jet Jumps 2
  Biplane Jumps 3
  Glider Jumps 2
  Powered Parachute Jumps 1
  Blindfolded Pack Jobs 39
  Fiesta Pack Job 1
  One Handed Pack Job 1
  Reserve Canopy Rides * 3
  * Not caused by any of the above pack jobs