330th ASA Co. (AVN)
The 330th ASA Co. (AVN) in Germany
This site is dedicated to the the 330th ASA Co. (AVN) and the men and women who served in the unit.

This site was started with the idea that people who served with the 330th in Germany will contribute and share what they have with others. The site is here, the webmaster will put everything together. We are now just lacking content. Send in your pictures, stories, contact info. This site will become what you make it.

Some histories of the 330th ASA Co. (AVN) in Germany. Feel free to submit your own histories or corrections.
The main 330th operations site was located at Grünstadt, named after the nearby village. It was located on a plateau on top of a hill. It was accessed by a narrow winding road through a vineyard. It was also known as Neuleiningen after the castle and village at the bottom of the hill.
The 330th ASA Co. (AVN) maintained a flightline at Ramstein AB. The company utilized GUARDRAIL aircraft in support of U.S. Army Europe/7th Army. The GUARDRAIL II's system encompassed signal-intercept and direction-finding equipment mounted on RU-21 aircraft,
Detatchment 1 - Stuttgart
The 330th operated a detachment at Stuttgart. The detachment operated and maintained RV-1C/D Mohawk, Quick Look, ELINT, aircraft. We have very little on the Stuttgart operation. Please make submissions to the webmaster.
The 330th was headquartered at Kleber Kaserne in Kaiserslautern. The Kaserne was the only one with the barbed wire at the top of the fence facing inward to keep everyone in.
Prior to being headquartered at Kaiserslautern, the 330th made its home at Sembach Air Base. The Air Force got serious about putting aircraft on an air base and kicked us off to Kaiserslautern. The link isn't active because I have no content. Send your pictures, etc. to the webmaster.
This section is specifically for you and about you, the people who served with the 330th. Please submit a little bit about yourself, especially your email address. A picture or two would be nice. Let others know what you are up to.

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This site is dedicated to the the 330th ASA Co. (AVN) and the men and women who served in the unit.

Submit your pictures, stories, anecdotes, personal information, etc. This site will become as great as the participation in it.
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