330th ASA Co. (AVN)
Personnel of the 330th ASA Co. (AVN) in Germany
This section is specifically for you and about you, the people who served with the 330th. Please submit a little bit about yourself, especially your email address. A picture or two would be nice. Let others know what you are up to.

Jeff. Dawson (Webmaster)
Grünstadt - 1974-1977
MOS: 51L (Heating and Cooling)
Email: Dawson@iPlummet.com
Website: www.iPlummet.com
I established this website for the purpose of remembering the 330th and the people who were there. Please join me in posting your contact info and maybe a little a bit about what you are doing now.
OK, I'll admit right off that I wasn't the ideal soldier or ASA member. You may remember me as one of the guys who drove the bus to and from Grünstadt. I'll never forget my first day driving when I got too close to a sign on the side of the road and it made contact with all the windows on the side of the bus, scaring everyone, myself included.
Today I'm a pencil-pusher at Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My passion though, is skydiving. I have been jumping for about 25 years, have over 4000 jumps, and hold a world record.
There are a few people I would really like to hook up with. In no particular order: Tom Hannan, Jerry Steward, Tere Martin, Bob Masse, Dennis Webber.
Eileen Bauer
Kaiserslautern 1979-1982
MOS: 31J
Email: elbauer@comcast.net
Donald Berg
Grünstadt - 1978-1981
Email: donaldfberg@yahoo.com
I was with the 330th between 1978-1981, working on the Hill as one of the engineering techs, repairing all the electronic equipment and Data General Computer System. After about 1.5 years at Kleber Kaserne I moved to the Hill. What made Kleber and the Hill special, were the people. Great people who I will hold in high esteem for ever. While with the 330th I worked the missions making sure everything was operational, communicated to the pilots when necessary (I remember once while on duty, one of the planes got struck by lightening), supported both sides during Reforger, and was on alert when the Iranian Embassy was taken over and when Reagan got shot. Off duty, I spent a fair amount of my traveling around Europe and while in K-town drinking BBK Beer. I believe I still remember the nickname "Skull Crusher" for the nasty head ache you'd end up with the next morning.
Bill Blackwell
Grünstadt - 1974-1977
MOS: 51L (Heating and Cooling)
Email: billb@blackwellhvac.com
Bill Blake
Grünstadt - 1976-1979
Email: wblake5603@gmail.com
I was assigned at Grunstadt as a 98G3LRU and GM. Arrived there in 1976 and departed in 1979. My then wife Anne Huhtala was a 98C2LCZ. I was on the Guardrail V fielding team. I was there at the same time as Ed Noltensmeyer, Sue Eckhart and others.
Over the years afterwards, i crossed paths with CPT (later COL) Dan Tindall, SSG Duane Whitman, CPT (later COL) Mike Diver. I left active duty in 1979 and served in the 519th ASA Co (USAR) for four years as an intercept platoon SGT and later leader and maintenance officer. I returned to active duty first as a signals intel officer, then as a finance and automation officer. I retired from the Army in 1997.
While in the reserves, I worked for ESL, Inc the company that built Guardrail as an instructor and technical writer on Trailblazer.
William Brouse
Email: smspd@earthlink.net
I was there January 1974 to August 1977. Left for Ft. Gordon, GA and was drafted back into the 330th in January 1980. I escaped in August 1983 as a W01 and had the thrill of 1st Cav at Ft Hood. I then escaped back into the "MI World".
Roger Brown
Email: roger.brown@faa.gov
During my years with the 330th., I flew the RU-21D, RU-21E, RU-21G and the RU-21H model aircraft. When I wasn?t flying I served first as the Maintenance Tech. Supply Officer, then as the Motor Maintenance Officer, and later the Company Supply and Property Book Officer. ...
Read more: Guardrail II, III, IV and V
Wesley D. Brown
Email: hellowes@aol.com
John L. Caldwell
Ramstein - 1974-1975
Email: papasonbob@yahoo.com
I was assigned to the 330th from May 1974 to July 1975 as the Unit Aircraft Maintenance Officer and a 1LT. The 330th was then under the command of MAJ Lemuel G. Brinkley, Jr. CPT John Rehwinkle was my sponsor. I remember also working with CPT Ronald F. Mecum who preceeded me to Augsburg. I remember working very closely with CW2 Joseph D'Amico in the maintenance and test flying of the six RU-21s we had. I also remember flying with CW2 Brown, Jenks, Morton, Redmond and Thompson and CW3 Brown. I especially have vivid memories working with all the aircraft maintenance personnel, i.e. mechanics, AGE van folks, T.I.s, etc.
In July 1975 I was assigned as the Staff Aircraft Maintenance Officer, HHC, 502nd ASA Group in Augsburg. At that time I was a CPT. I left Germany and ASA in June 1977.
Jeff Carpenter
Curtis Cloud
Stuttgart - 1976-1978
MOS: 67Y
Email: chc98@comcast.net
After being assigned as a hydraulic repairman which the unit had no shop ( luckly) I was trained by the best aircraft maintenance personnel and after there for three years I went to school to be trained as a cobra mechanic and inspector. I was also a warrant officer(cw3) in the automotive field. I retired as an E 7 on active duty and a W3 in the reserves. Thank all in the unit for the training and the way the army treated the soldiers and it was carried with me throughout my military career and retirement. After retirement I have operated my own heating and air conditioning company just outside Nashville tn for over 19 years.. The 330th will always best unit and I will always remember it. Thanks for the memories.
Mark Collins
Grünstadt - 1974 -1976
MOS: 72E
Email: wmcpa@yahoo.com
Facebook: William Mark Collins
I PCS'd from Thailand (7th RRFS, Ramasun Station) to the 330th May of '74 and ETS'd the end of August '76. Was a 72E at Grünstadt for my tour there. Doyle Roberts & I roomed together both at Sembach and in two different apartments in Kaiserslautern after we were approved for quarters allowance (the second was above our landlady - a frau Czarnecki - and her family on Pfeiffertaelchen (SP?) Strasse (near the rail yard). We drove my '67 VW notch-back (oxidized light Blau) everywhere, including out to Grünstadt , on the weekends we had to work. This provided an opportunity to supplement our fuel ration stamps with the occasional tank of Army MoGas. Doyle inherited the car when I ETS'd. Jim and Susan Hartline were our frequent hosts at wonderful meals in their quarters. I occasionally drove our shift-change van from Kleber Kaserne out to Grünstadt and we all dreaded Mark Toney's flatulence and Floyd's frequent diatribes about the threat posed to western civilization by those who fed the bears in national parks. Other memories include Kurt Schuster's adventures with bondo and his 911 & his efforts in automatic weapons design. L.A. Miller's prodigious BBK consumption at happy hour. The wonderful wurst kiosk parked by the post office at Sembach. The intoxicated ravings of Pickle and Lapius when seeking a BTO album in the barracks. The omelettes and strudel made for midnight chow by the "dicke"civilian ladies who worked in the mess hall at Sembach. The big snowfall and the summertime drought in '75. Everybody's favorite WO Donald (BJ) Kelly. The sweat dripping off the face of Teel (the cook) as he leaned over the food he was serving in the chow line. The wonderful schnitzel sandwiches and wine at the Sonnenberg Haus on the drive up to Grünstadt from the autobahn. The Eagle owls setting on the clods in the fields and the RC airplane clubs that used the last straight stretch of approach road up to the perimeter.

When I ETS'd, I obtained my nursing degree (UNM '80) and my CRNA (nurse anesthetist - UTHSCHouston '84). Have been "passing gas" ever since. Have been working Locums since 2009 and am currrently covering the USAKA hospital on Kwajalein (Marshall islands) until April '14. I remained in the active reserves (19 years) and retired in '96 as an O-4. My wife Sondra & I have a home in rural Polk county Missouri (just north of Springfield). Between us, we have 6 children and 6 grandchildren. I'm a frustrated, low-time pilot and aircraft owner (N8865U) and proud member of EAA and AOPA.
Sue Eckhardt
Email: sue@wacvet.com
Website: www.wacvet.com
I was stationed with the 330th twice. Lucky me! The first time I was there it was the 330th ASA Co (AVN) (FWD). It was subordinate to the 502nd ASA Bn in Augsburg. The second time I was there it became the 330th EW AVN Co. and was subordinate to the 2nd AEB, Pirmasens. AEB=Aerial Exploitation Battalion. Also, the first time it was with Guardrail IIA. The second time was with Guardrail V.
Ken Frey
Grünstadt - 1974 -1977
MOS: 31J20B3
Email: accent2129@msn.com
Before getting to Germany with the 330th ASA AVN unit, I did schooling at Fort Gordon, GA for AIT in teletype repair. My MOS was 31J20B3. I did get the military guarantee to be with the ASA and to be stationed in Germany. To get this guarantee, I enlisted for a 4 year commitment. I was with the 330th from late April 1974 through late April 1977. My first roommate at Semback Airbase was Rich Glynn. Later when our unit moved to Kaiserslautern, Carl Smith (Smitty) and I had an apartment in Drehenthalerhof. These ended up being some of the best years of my life. I met so many great friends.
I am currently an Architect in Saint Paul, MN. I got my degree in architecture from the University of Minnesota in 1983 and have been with the firm I am currently with for 30 years now. I am currently divorced. I was married to Tera for 18 years and we have one Daughter. She is currently a senior at Hamline University here in Saint Paul. I recently reconnected with someone I dated back at Fort Gordon during our teletype and ASA Schooling. We were both 19 at the time. We actually went to the same High School in Wisconsin, but didn?t know each other then. She was a class behind me. She is now a civilian Engineer at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL. She is retiring in two years and I am looking forward to moving down to Huntsville for retirement with her. She and I found this website by accident. We Googled "Army Security Agency" to find some history about it. This site came up on top of the list and I said "Wow! This was my unit."
(Ken passed away on February 18, 2024. Ken Frey Obituary )
Brenda Gascot
Grünstadt - 1978 -1980
Email: brenda.gascot@gmail.com
Worked on the hill as 98C. Met my husband, William Ausby 31T aka Bill, at Kleber and were married at Das Rathaus in 1979. (Now, our last name is Robinson - long story ;)) Met lots of wonderful people during my tour of duty. Some names that I remember are Carol D. Wright, Bongall, Tim Raynor, Eileen Bauer, Ron Ingram, Stewart, Ann who was a CZ linguist. The NCO I worked for was Hugghis.
Thomas Haldeman
Email: suntrax@live.com
Jim Hartline
Grünstadt - 1974 -1977
MOS: 32G
Email: jimsuehart@hughes.net
Being one of the comm.-center weenies I didn?t get to socialize too much with all the day shift folks. Worked mostly night shift and we had a sedan for shift change so I never got to ride on the ?bus?.
I was at the 330th from July of 74 till July of 77 as a 32G20 Crypto repairman, I worked for SSG Brouse.
The thing I remember most about Sembach is the stripes down the walls of the barracks below the windows of those who partied to hard.
I brought my wife over in September of 74 and we lived in Lauerhof until the company moved to K-town then we got quarters and lived on the top floor of a rented apt building in K-town. All of the local CBers would climb over the balcony to put their antennas on our roof. One of my daughters was born there and we had many great BBQ?s on the balcony.
I remember 3 handed pinochle with the MP?s many a night, and Perkins shooting his 38 through the wall while playing fast draw. I hung out mostly with Andy Evans, William Collins, and Doyle Roberts.
When I left the 330th I also left the Army, I became an Electrician and worked for several contractors before going to work for the State of California. I will be retiring from state service on the 1st of July 2011 with 30 years of service.
Michael Heffner
Kaiserslautern/Grünstadt 1982-1985
MOS: 98G3LGM..(more add-ons later)
Email: mheff5355@aol.com
I was first assigned to the 330th in Grünstadt as a SP4 in September, 1982. I was promoted through to SSG before transfering to Field Station Berlin as the 330th moved to Eckterdingen AB in Stuttgart, September, 1985. Already had 1 newborn daughter (07/82) and another (04/84) yet another (10/85). I took a buy-out in 1992 from Berlin. I loved the 3 years in Grünstadt/Kaiserslautern and 7 years in Berlin. Great Job. Great People.
Phil "Hud" Hudson
Email: philhudson58@yahoo.com
I was the 12th person to sign into the company. I was one of the original group that had been TDY to ESL to take a crash course on Guardrail. We started at Sembach waiting for the system and aircraft to arrive. I worked at Grünstadt and Ramstein. I also drag raced every weekend with my 1966 Mustang (Mountain Man). Looking at the site, it brought back memories, all the time I spent in the A.G.E. van and the A.R.F. and D.A.R.F.
Greg Huysman
Grünstadt 1977 - 1979
MOS: 98C4H
Email: rocketg76@outlook.com
I was with the 330th from 1977-1979. I worked with SSG Witman, SSG Miller, Bill Blake, Sue Eckhardt. I lived on the hill until my ETS in 1979. I worked with so many good people there and I can’t remember their names. If you could fill those blanks I would appreciate it. Every time the bus came to the hill winter weather would cause problems. I remember the time the roads were too dangerous and everyone had to spend the night on the hill. We broke out cots and the residents of the hill fed them.
Edward Jones
MOS: 35K10
Email: ej10842@windstream.net
II landed in Frankfurt in mid March 1975 as a PFC 35K10 Avionics Mechanic. After in processing I was put on a train to Augsburg for 2 weeks of processing. Then I was put on a train again to Kaiserslautern. Picked up at the train station and went to Sembach AFB where we had the barracks and Headquarters. I worked at Ramstein AFB on the RU-21’s. We took a van daily from Sembach to Ramstein to work and back to the barracks. Quickly I got my license so I could drive. During the summer of 75 the unit arranged at trip to the Paris Air Show. Also that fall the Germans held a race at Sembach. In 76 we were moved to Kleber Kaserne in Kaiserslautern so the Air Force could activate the air field for A10’s. We would drive through Kaiserslautern to get to Rammstein to get to work. Someone mentioned a soldier at Rammstein called Tiny, from what I remember he was an Electronic Warfare Tech on the RU-21’s. There also was a couple of mechanics, Easy and Li’l Bit, who hung out together. I thought I saw Li’l Bit one night on a bus at King Fahd International Airport during Desert Storm but was unable to make any connection. When I first got to Ramstein we were overloaded with Avionic Mechanics so I worked in the Tool Room for awhile. Eventually I moved back to Avionics. We had our yearly Reforger maneuvers where we supported them with communication information. During the year we usually ran the aircraft on racetracks at 24,000 feet transmitting the information to Grundstadt. I left Germany in November 77 going to the 156th ASA AvnCo at Biggs Army Airfield Ft Bliss TX. During the tour at Ft Bliss the ASA lost its assignment branch so we were incorporated into the regular assignment branch so I worked on helicopters for the next 15 years ending with the Blackhawks and Apaches. A 6 month stint in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm happened during my 3rd tour of Germany and was shipped to Ft Campbell KY where I retired.
Steven Kropelnicki
MOS: 95B
Email: stevekrop@icloud.com
I remember getting my orders for being part of the 330th, while being stationed in Augsburg. I was excited to join a "new" unit. We were stationed in the first set of barracks on the right as you enters the AFB. I wish I could remember other names, and I do remember Captain Nimcheck(sp) as our CC. I also remember our entire company didn't even fill the top floor of the barracks. We then moved into our own space above the Air Force Security Police offices. I was promoted to Sgt. by one of the W-3 warrant officers.
I was also fortunate to be asked to play tennis for the Air Force while stationed on Sembach. I played "a guy" and the next thing I know I was called into the CO's office and told I was to try out for the team..... I made it and got to travel while playing tennis.
I was then reassigned to Ft. Campbell Ky. after an altercation with a "local" German who didn't speak German. I detained him and remember Capt. Nimcheck (who spoke Russian) interrogated him. Shortly after that I was transferred.
I would enjoy reading and finding other members of the 330th.
Laurie Landrum
Kleber - 1979-1981
Email: lightcl@yahoo.com
I was stationed on Kleber Kaserne in Kaiserslautern HQ from May 79 to Jul 81 working as the parts clerk in the motor pool. Supporting the vehicles of the entire company gave me the opportunity to get to know people from both the "hill" and "flightline". The women were housed in another building next to HQ where the guys of the company lived. Kleber was the place where the single soldiers in our company called home for a time. It was a place where friendships and sometimes love and marriage began. Most of all it was a place to unwind, count down your days and party. There was always a party and with shift work in our company the term "always" was accurate. Of all the years in my life those days hold the most vivid memories. I would also like to mention three friends from that period who are no longer with us:
Chet Ball MP from the hill
Laurie Crawford HQ company clerk
Vickie Cushman linguist from the hill
Bob Lippincott
Grünstadt - 1980 -1982
Stuttgart - 1985-1988
MOS: 98C (98G)
Email: boblippincott@aol.com
I lived up at Grünstadt - great experience. I was a 98G Czech, but worked solely as a 98C, and took care of a M52A2 5-ton tractor (#317) as well.
Chuck McDowell
MOS: 33C
Email: satellite5@hotmail.com
Just wanted to say hello. I drove the bus, too. I was assigned to the 330th from late Jan 74 to Jun 78 and again May 81 to Jun 84. Did most of my time at Grünstadt and a few months at Ramstein. (33C then 33S) Since we had no equipment initially, I was utilized as a driver and drove for Maj Brinkley and Gen. Charles Denholm, the ASA CG when he visited in 74. I went by the old site a few years ago while on vacation and stayed at the hotel in Grünstadt. Visited some of the old hangouts there. Ran into a few of the Germans I used to hang out with.
Now I spend most of my time in the Philippines. My wife is from there, even built a house there.
Richard L. (Rocky) Miller
Ramstein 1977-1980
MOS: 33S2F (Electronic Warfare Technician)
Email: richard@medgastraining.com
I was stationed with the 330th from 77-80. Initially it was the 330th ASA CO (AVN) FWD, with Tradoc it became the 330th EW CO (AVN) FWD (we had to remove the red patches from our uniforms). I was a 33S2F, which was a flight qualified, E-5, Electronic Warfare Technician.
I worked on the flight line for three years with some great people such as MSGT David Huss, one of the best people I ever met. The shop included Mike Morgan, Buss Johnson, Davey Lakey, Ollie Ollerton, SFC Larry, Frank Hefner, Billy Ausby, and Doug Johnson. The shop was wired tight, we always launched the mission on time. During my tenure we retired Guardrail IIA, and fielded Guardrail V. The black birds were beautiful. One of the posts mentioned a plane taking a lightning strike. I was in the plane. It was surreal; the CW3 pilot really had his shit together. We came back with pencil-sized holes in two of the DF antennas, but we came back.
Those were some of the best times of my life, would go back today if they would take a 55 year-old guy that would not look all that good in a flight suit. In 79 I married Connie Driscoll, a hottie from the transportation corp. 33 years later we are still married, she is still a hottie. We have two fine boys and a 9 year old granddaughter. After the Army, I got into medical electronics. We started a business in 91, sold the business in 09, and now enjoy life. Would be glad to hear from our old friends.
Donald Nesheim
Email: dnesheim@earthlink.net
I was OIC of the Quicklook 1a team during training in the states at Dallas, TX & Ft Huachuca Oct 73 to May 74.There were nine people on TDY to make up the team. We started training on the equipment that would go in the aircraft and then we got the two OV-1C's that became the first RV-1C's. The tail number of the aircraft were 68-15964 and 68-15965.
When the training was finished, the equipment was taken out of the aircraft and packed for shipment. The two aircraft went to Grumman in NY and then flown to Hanau Germany (by way of Iceland).
Each of us returned to our units and the individually shipped out to Germany. The first five were sent to Grunstadt, SP6 Dave Stine was the senior man of that group. I was on orders to 507th Gp in Augsburg to brief the Group Co, Xo & S3. Then I was sent to Kitzingen AAF near Wurzburg, to set up the Detachment. SSG Kiser just got in country and I managed to him diverted to Kitzingen. We scrounged some office space at the main hanger and requested the men at Grunstadt be sent to Kitizgen (more had arrived). About three weeks later the Captain (aviator) who was to command the Detachment arrived.
Operations started in two months after we got our aircraft from Hanau (where all the Mohawk assets in Germany were located). We started flying mission on the border.
In June 1975 all Mohawks were relocated to Stuttgart (Echterdingen AAF). We continually added people to the outfit until by the time I left in June 1977 the unit was at about 45 people.
Brian Nixon
Email: nixonbd@yahoo.com
I was as sergent with the military police unit from 1977 - 1980, which was then under Major Paul Gross. We provided air wing security at Ramstein as well as security of the SCIF at the hill. Ramstein air force MPs eventially took over security at the air base leaving just SCIF security. I also pulled a stint as NCOIC of site security in 1980 before my ETS.
Other MPs that I worked with were; Sgt. William (Bill) Fisher, Sgt. Brian Sumner, Sp4 Jim Ruffles, amongst others. We also formed a unit basketball team that played at Klebler. I remember driving to the hill in the Company van, hoping that we wouldn't get snowed in up there,
My daughter was born at the Lanstuhl Army Hospital in 1978. I left the service in 1980 and went into federal law enforcement then private security. I am currently an insurance claims manager and reside in Tampa, FL.
Richard Prokopchuk
Grünstadt - 1979 -1982
MOS: USAF 208 (formerly a 203) Czech Linguist (98G)
Email: thewizardofaz@cox.net
I was with Guardrail?s Air Force bunch from 1979-1982. We were stationed on Sembach and drove out to the hill at Grünstadt every day. Great great unit. We consistently kicked Augsburg and Berlin?s AF units butts in terms of speed and accuracy. We only had about 4 people on any one mission, but we were good. We were all part of the effort that recovered the Army General who was kidnapped by the Red Army Faction in Italy. WE found him?and I mean both Army and AF. We were decorated for it. I was never as proud of a bunch of folks as I was of those at Guardrail. Mentally and militarily, it was like serving in a MASH hospital in the middle of a wine vineyard. Not long after I left in 1981, the units (both AF and Army) moved Guardrail to Stuttgart. Best damned Air Force in the Army. Period.
John Rehwinkle
Ramstein - 1974-1977
Email: jrehwinkle@windstream.net
I arrived in Germany in Feb, '74, along with about a half dozen WO pilots, all coming from the 156th ASA Co, (Avn), at Ft Bliss, TX. We had participated in the final shakedown of the Guardrail IIA System at Moffet Field, CA. We spent our initial time at Ramstein AB securing hanger, maintenance and flight operations space, and coordinating with various US and German Air Force and German civilian authorities for future flight operations.
Ron Roan
Doyle Roberts
Email: doyle436@netzero.com
I too was not a model soldier during my time in the 330th ASA. I guess it was a combination of being young, inexperienced, and too far away from home. However, I got out of the Army in 77', went to school for a few years, got my head together, and went back in to try and do it right the second time. The second time around was much better. I worked with VII Corps Liaison to the 12th German Panzer Division, 3rd Infantry Division G5, as a german translator for the Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal, and for the Defense Attache in Vienna, Austria from 1984 to 1991.
After Austria, I spent 4 years as a Civil Affairs Observer/Controller at the Joint Readiness Training Center. This was a good assisgnment as it was an airborne slot and I got to go to jump school at age 37 and experience the "airborne life".
I finished out my army time as the NCOIC of the Division Equal Opportunity Office with the 101st Airborne Division and retired in 1996 as a Master Sergeant.
Following military service, I got POST certified at the Louisiana State Police Academy and worked for the State of Louisiana from 1996 to 2002 as a Probation and Parole Agent. This was a pretty stressful job dealing with career criminals, so, in 2002 I moved to Utah and went to work for the Federal Reserve Police with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
I'm married to a beautiful lady from Georgia and we have 6 children and 6 grandchildren between us, so far.
Carl "Smitty" Smith
Grünstadt - 1974-1976
MOS: 05D20
Email: Carl380@aol.com
I was at the 330th from July 1974 till December 1976. Working on the hill as a Radio Direction Finding Analyst...big name for a pretty simple job. Ed Noltensmeyer, Mike Scoczen and an E6 Sgt that I can not remember his name, we were trained on site as to how to boot up (paper tape) and get the computer going in the morning, or after the generators went down! We were also trained on the MRF's and I spent a lot of time working them for Reforger 1974 and Reforger 1975. I spent most of the summer of 1976 tdy to Mt. Messiner. Reforger of 1976 I worked at the IPF and did not go out into the field. Beating the Air Force for the Base Championships in Softball and Volleyball.....I still think that just ticked off the CG and he threw us out !
I was far from a great soldier, as many others were in the same boat, but the one thing that I will remember the most is the determination of everyone to try and get the mission done, even with un-shined boots. That was the drive that continues with me even today. I know that "Uncle Norm", Mr. Z, Mr.Abrams, and the ESL tech reps instilled that in me. Then the army took over. At least I did not have to live at the Kaserne as Ken Frey and I shared and apartment, and lived on SepRats for over a year.
Greetings to All
Lynne Veling
Grünstadt - 1975-1977
Email: lynneveling@icloud.com
Hi my name is Lynne Veling and I was a member of this fantastic company. I first arrived at Sembach AFB in Germany and was lucky enough to be put up at the BOQ because they had no other place for us. I too was shipped off to Kaiserslautern and worked at both Kaiserslautern and Grunstadt. I arrived in 1975 and left in 1977. While at the 330th I met my husband James (Easy) Reiter and we were both transferred to Ft. Bliss TX where we had our son Gary. Jim passed away in 1980. I currently live in Chula Vista CA. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your site.
Duncan MIchael (Mike) Wagner
Grünstadt/Ramstein - 1974-1977
MOS: 33S40S1
Email: goldwing49@surewest.net
I was one of the original twelve that brought the Guardrail IIA system to Germany. The cast of characters included: Chief Warrant James Mellon, SFC Pappy Jackson, SFC Herman Minor, Ray Young, Joe Sturdivant, Phil Hudson, Chuck McDowell, Ted Buff, and me (Mike Wagner), all of which were training at Fort Devens and later assisted the system development in Sunnyvale Ca. Mary Buff, SFC Strickland, a supply clerk (whose name escapes me) and Robert Bonaparte rounded out the founding group that was housed at Sembach AFB. The aircraft operated out of Ramstein AFB with the ground system installed on the hilltop at Grunstadt Germany.
Our six RU21 aircraft (tail number 876, 880, 883, 884, 885 and 886) were scrounged from other projects and were well used by the time we received the “refurbished” aircraft for our operations. As most aviation unit personnel can attest, one aircraft becomes a rolling spare parts bin, that designation fell to 886. In those early days we flew the wings of any of the operation planes. We suffered through instable world political environment, bad weather, aircraft engine stack fires, broken antennas (18 on each plane X 6 aircraft), blown prop seals, bleed air heater failures and engine failures. Both the aircraft and electronics systems were “new” and at that time state of the art with associated reliability problems. The system aircraft and ground software was cantankerous to say the least. Despite all this we flew day in day out for the three years I was associated with the 330th ASA Co.
Shortly after ASA went green (i.e. absorbed into the regular Army structure) the 330th became the 1st MI Battalion Airborne Exploitation and I left the Army for employment with the Sunnyvale manufacturer of the GRIIA system.
Throughout my 35 year post Army career with ESL (that became part TRW that became part of Northrop Grumman) I worked on all revisions to the Guardrail System (GR IIA, GRIV, GRV, IGRV, GRCS, CS System 1 and CS System 2). During that period, I was able to return to Germany and swap the old GR IIA for the GRV. I worked a four year stint as a contractor service rep supporting GRCS in Wiesbaden. My last field assignment with the Guardrail Systems was as the on-site manager for CS (Common Sensor) Sys 2 at Fort Hood. I installed systems in Germany, Korea, Georgia and Texas. Good ole Guardrail provided me with a lifetime career and the opportunity to work with extremely dedicated people.
Jeff Wheaton
MOS: 72 E20
Email: wheatons@ite.net
Guardrail for about 6 months then Quicklook through Dec 76.
Dave Wolverton
MOS: 33C
Email: davew@rkcinst-usa.com
I remember the bus rides back and forth. I remember when we built the shelter for the commercial power to replace the generators, the German inspectors took one look at the wooden power panel and shook their heads. I went to Ramstein later and reported to SGT Pappy Jackson to work on the plane's equipment. It was all good until we had to move to K town, that was almost like the real Army then.
I live in northern Indiana, where I came from, around the South Bend area and work for a Japanese industrial electronic company who makes and sells temperature and process controllers.
William "CC" Zukos
Grünstadt - 1974
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I was assigned to the 330th sometime in 1974 in Grünstadt along with John Childers, Jeff Carpetner and George Wellman. We were to be temporary but they PCS's us there for the duration. I spent most of my time in the IPF and the poker room (commo van). The original bus driver was Terry ? He always sung praises to the Lord. I had the good fortune to meet my wife Martha There. Tiny who worked on the flight line shanghaied me along with several others. Kurt Schuster was always working on one of his two Porsches. Uncle Bill Logue got out and wound up with the NSA. I really miss all you guys. Do you remember the Limbo Rock I DJ'd at somebase? Steve Bronstein fell flat on his ass when we lowered the limbo bar. We took "Stoney" out for his farewell and boy did he have a good time.
Great times, well remembered...
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