330th ASA Co. (AVN)
The 330th ASA Co. (AVN) site at Grünstadt
The main 330th operations site was located at Grünstadt, named after the nearby village. It was located on a plateau on top of a hill. It was accessed by a narrow winding road through a vineyard. It was also known as Neuleiningen after the castle and village at the bottom of the hill.

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Grünstadt site 1976 or 1977

Grünstadt site 1982

Data General Computer System

Jim Hartline and Andy Evans in the comm center

On the Hill

On the Hill

The corner

Exterior view

Looking from SW to the NE.

Later Grünstadt sign

Attack of the Grünstadt Site by air
In these undated photos, the restricted airspace over the Grünstadt site was breached by a German pilot in a powered glider. The photos were taken with a 35mm camera with a normal, non-telephoto lens. The pilot lost his license for this incident.
The Trip to Grünstadt
A few pictures on the way to Grünstadt from Sembach
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