330th ASA Co. (AVN)
330th in "Tiger Talk"
The 330th ASA Co. was featured in the March 7, 1975 issue of "Tiger Talk", the official newspaper of Sembach Air Base.

Front page

Amid the vineyards, mud, barbed wire and aged buildings of Grunstadt sits a group of little known Army and Air Force personnel that call Sembach AB "home".
Geared for wartime operation, the 330th Army Security Agency Co. provides communication support to both Army and Air Force tactical forces including airborne radio relay capability.
Although much of the installation is classified, 330th ASA Co. facilities have been the site of many deployments for both services. It provides ideal training ground for mobile tactical units.
The 330th ASA Co. began operation over one year ago with seven people. Today some 200 Army and 15 Air Force personnel comprise the unit.
While noting pride in calling Sembach "home" for the Army unit, personnel have earned their place. Capt. Robert M. Larson stated, "Past Army units stationed at Sembach created a sour reputation for themselves, but the 330th has proven itself."
The company takes an active interest in the community and it reflects. Capt. Eugen Sullivan asserted, "We've received nothing but cooperation from the Sembachers."
"But," he added, "we try harder."

(USAF Photos by SSgt. Ken Kennedy)

MECHANICS DELIGHT - Sp4 Larry Jackson and Sp4 Gabriel Deas "doctor" an ailing jeep by replacing its head gasket.

NOT ANYONE'S ANTENNA - Sp4 Micheal Skoczen displays the before and after version of mounting communications equipment on movile field gear.

BE MY GUEST - Sp4 Walter Albrecht, 330th ASA Co. military policeman, holds a tight lid on guarding the inner compound. Although he may never admit being the most "courteous" gate guard, things remain quiet at Grunstadt.

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